The Diet -
There is no "Diet"

That's right. The diet is that there is no "diet" at least not one with a fancy name. There are no special foods, no forbidden foods, no must-eat-a-bucket-full gimics. You can eat just about any food you want but NOT in unlimited quantity. You can still lunch at Burger King if you like (but not often). If they know you by name at Pizza Hut you can still see your friends there over dinner, once in a while. (You still want to be avoid any foods based on alergies or other advice from your doctor).

Virtually all fast food and chain restaurants post calorie and content guides. Consult these. Say yes to the foods you like, but say "NO" to the "biggie size." Instead of eating five slices of pizza limit yourself to two. And think about those toppings, some pizza toppings contain more calories than the pizza itself! Instead of eating six cookies, have two. You can still eat all of the things you like only not an unlimited amount.

It DOES work and after a short while you will find you can be just as happy with less.

Don't deny yourself anything. That's when the craving begins. You'll eventually give in and eat it anyway and probably eat too much. Give in, measure out an amount that fits into you total calories for the day and enjoy every bite. Just make sure you don't routinely go over your limit of calories for the day.

That's the rule: don't go over your limit of calories for the day. Now that you know the rule you can break it. Sometimes. There's going to be that party, or a night out with friends. Budget your calories if you can, but if you do go over reduce the next two days by half the amount. If you spread this excess over more than two days you're more likely to slip up and forget about maintaining the balance. It's the average of calories over time that counts.

It takes a while to gain the weight so keep in mind that it will take some time to lose the weight too. But this way you just keep on eating the right way for the rest of your life so you never have to go off or on a diet again.