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2 inch Weave-it®
Model, ITEM 1050 manufactured by the HERO Manufacturing Co. Inc. of Middleboro MA. I've shown all four sides because it tells a story. "America's most popular hand loom" sounds like the accept no imitations appeal. Many companies make similar looms but Weave-it was a registered brand. The box also proclaims the product is for ..:Adults and children." "..the Sick and Shut-ins" as well as "all knitting fans." Marketing specifically to "sick and shut-ins" seems particularly odd in this age but those were different times.

I have used this 2 inch loom but find it takes much more time compared to the 4 inch model. These two inch squares make nice decorations over the top of the 4 inch squares.

 Some of my work with weave-it®:

Mauves, blues, and pinks
A little wild but my husband likes it
Country Red White & Blue

My looms:
2inch loom
4 inch loom
Homemade loom

For a history of the Weave-it® and much more insight into this craft visit eLoomaNation.com.

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